Digital Phones
Pragmatic Digital Phones With true voice and data convergence a reality, you can now stay in contact wherever you go. Samsung's range of handsets and other User-End-Points offer a wide variety of ergonomically designed terminals, suitable for use in the office or at home. Stylish and easy-to use, each handset is designed to maximise the benefits of the systems functionality - and to give users the appropriate feature set and access levels for their individual needs. Whether that is a simple telephone or a fully-featured handset with LCD display and programmable functions. As technology advances, you can be sure that Samsung will be at the leading edge of the revolution, keeping your business ahead of the game. State-of-the-Art IP Phone: Samsung's SMT-i series SIP phones can make your business more efficient, collaborative and agile with enhancing productivity and communication among employees and off-site colleagues while helping to reduce costs. Intuitive User-Oriented: Easy-to-navigate menus and navigation button ensure even the newest user can take advantage of all features and functionality intuitively. Stylish: Samsung 5000 series display handsets feature a 32-character, 2 line scrollable LCD screen to display call information like Calling Line Identification (CLI, who is calling) and Direct Dialing Inward (DDI, which may indicate why they are calling). The LCD also helps the users navigate effortlessly through the systems features. In addition, display handsets incorporate programmable soft keys with tri-coloured LED status indicators that can be used for speed dialing, as well as one-touch feature access keys and traditional Key & Lamp working. Optional add-on modules can also be assigned to compatible handsets, creating 64 additional soft keys. Or you can choose Samsung's standard Digital and Analogue handsets, as a cost-effective alternative for staff who do not require high access to system features. Ensuring everyone has their own point of contact and individual extension.
IP Phones
State-of-the-Art IP Phone Integrated with PC Samsung UC IP Phone Series provide perfect IP Telephony business environment with escalated multimedia UC Solutions such as presence, scheduler, UMS, and MCS. Especially SMT-i5200 series has significant competitive advantage in video solutions not to mention its award winning modern design. Take full advantage of IP telephony that will position your business for efficiency and success. Greater Functionality: Samsung SIP Phones offer greater functionality including call handling directories, integration with a contact list and a hot desking capability that allows users to transfer their extension number and personal settings to any phone on the network. Standard XML-Based Additional Applications: XML web browser gives customers and system integrators the ability to integrate the handset with business applications, customize the display with corporate logos/colors; or display multimedia content from other sources such as weather forecasts, news feeds and stock reports. Award-Winning Design: Ergonomic design of Samsung SIP Phones won world-class design awards including iF Communications Design Award and Good Design Award. Every little parts of IP handsets are designed for user behavior according to Samsung's Design philosophy. Robust Security: Both the 3100 and 5200 series handsets come with robust security features, SRTP(Secure Real Time Protocol) speech encryption and IP Address Security technology. Plug and Talk Simplicity: For customers using SIP Trunks to route calls at low cost over the internet, IP handsets that plug straight into the network/phone system are simpler to install than digital handsets that require a media gateway card in the PBX.
Ubigate iES Series
Layer2 Ethernet SwitchSamsung iES4000 Series Ethernet Switch family provides wire speed 10/100 Fast Ethernet PoE/Non-PoE switching for iES4028FP and iES4028F, and 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet switching for iES4024GP with features targeted for voice and high quality video over IP. They provide 4 Gigabit ports as well, showing high price/performance ratio. Their IP clustering feature allows up to 36 switches to be managed in a logical group using a single IP address. Advanced QoS features are provided to minimize latency and give priority for voice and video packets. Highest Gigabit Port: Up to 4 10/100/1000 Gigabit Uplink Ethernet Ports supported in 1RU Chassis (iES4028FP, iES4028F) Voice VLAN and GVRP: Supports 802.1Q and port-based VLAN, Dynamic VLAN supported through GVRP. Voice VLAN can provide best QoS for IP telephony automatically. MultiLink Trunking through LACP: Can bundle multiple Ethernet Ports to provide bigger bandwidth pipe. IEEE802.3af: IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet supported in all the access ports (iES4028FP, iES4024GP) IGMP Snooping: Can save bandwidth and improve throughput by sending multicast traffic only to ports with registered multicast group members. IP Clustering: Up to 36 switches can be managed in a single logical group using a single IP address. Comprehensive Security: L2-L4 ACL, Radius, TACACS+, SSH, S?, 802.1x based Port Security, DHCP Snooping.
Ubigate iBG Series
Integrated Media Gateway With full routing capabilities, enterprise-class switching capacity, VoIP and best-in-class integrated security, the Samsung Ubigate iBG Series Convergence Platform replaces a multitude of special-purpose network devices and delivers an agile and efficient network infrastructure. The Ubigate iBG Series enables true enterprise voice and data convergence through a wide range of QoS features and supports both analog and IP phones. With a wide range of features and network interfaces supported in the Ubigate iBG Series, enterprise customers can meet today's business needs and be confident that they can meet tomorrows without forklift replacement of existing equipment. The platforms integrated security provides industry's best perimeter and end-point protection for all types of traffic - including voice - by inspecting all incoming and outbound traffic and blocking intruders. Whether your organisation requires support for VoIP, new mission-critical applications, or just additional bandwidth, Ubigate iBG Series can meet the challenge and give you a competitive advantage with higher productivity, increased control and a seamless path to convergence. Converged Voice and Data through Pure IP Telephony: The Samsung Ubigate™ iBG series offers a complete voice and data solution for businesses and delivers an agile and efficient network infrastructure. Rich gateway Features with Robust Security: Ubigate™ iBG series delivers rich IP telephony gateway features and advanced security including VPN and firewall functions to deliver a robust and reliable network service to customers. Best-In-Class Voice Quality Management: Ubigate™ iBG series ensure total business network quality with reliable, best-in class voice quality through a wide range of QoS functions. Future Proof and Investment Protection: Standard-based platform designed to fit into your organization inter-operates with Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) and enables planned migration strategies to support future growth. Samsung IP Phone Support: Ubigate™ iBG series supports Samsung’s full IP Phone lineup including Award-winner UC IP SMT-i5200 Series handsets and entry-level SMT -i3100 series. And Samsung SMTi5200 series maximizes efficiency and user convenience with ergonomic and stylish design through the intuitive UC dial.
OfficeServ Series
All-In-One IP Convergence PBX The OfficeServ 7000 series has been designed to deliver advanced voice, data and wireless communications in a single IP platform. Businesses can deploy OfficeServ 7000 to build sophisticated telephony applications, secure data-communications infrastructure and policy-driven networks. OfficeServ 7000 series has a comprehensive range of features and functionality and offers an effective,affordable solution for any organisation. So, whether you are a small office, a head office or a branch of a larger organisation with a need to take advantage of cutting-edge solutions, the OfficeServ 7000 series becomes the heart of your communications network. Modular Design: The OfficeServ 7000 comes in four variants, from the entry level 7030 to the 7100, 7200 and 7400. The systems can be configured to accommodate 4 to 480 extensions at a single site and combined to link 1,000 sites. Systems use common interface modules and can utilise the same software applications and terminals. Remote Working Capability: The OfficeServ 7000 is an industry leader in the easy deployment of VoIP home-working, providing greater flexibility whilst maintaining control of employees and costs. As well as increasing employee productivity and keeping employees better connected. Cost Reduction: The OfficeServ 7000 Series can help to reduce costs within any business. With the 7000 Series you can install and manage remote sites without leaving your office, implement centralised cost tracking, security alerts and departmental billing. All these measures help to reduce total cost of ownership. Multi-Site Working: The OfficeServ 7000 Series provides desk to desk accessibility across multi-sites, with full feature capability.
Wireless Enterprise Communication Manager
All-In-One Solution for Large to Mid-Size Business. SCM (Samsung Communication Manager) is a comprehensive communication solution for large and mid-size business with smaller IT staffs, delivering enterprise-level performance. SCM for call control and rich applications such as voice mail, conference, UC, mobility are integrated on a single appliance. For large and mid-size businesses who need the increased performance with smaller IT resources, SCM is a perfect, easy-to-manage, solution delivering values with an affordable price. Pure IP-Based All-In-One Solution: For midsize businesses who are struggling with high IT costs, SCM edition integrates Samsung Communication Manager for call control and rich applications such as conference, UC, mobility on a single server. Simple & Easy Installation: SCM eliminates hassles and aggravation of server and application setup-up. Simplified installation and setup lowers the cost of sales and maintenance. Simple & Easy Management: With SCM Administrator, SCM integrates all administrative functionality for system DB, Applications and trouble-shooting so that systems can be managed effectively and efficiently. SCM Administrator ensures total business network quality with high reliability. Also, real-time service quality for IP telephony resolves problems faster - before they become problems. ReliabilitySCM can support redundancy and Survivability. The SCM can be configured for full "Active Standby". But, if there is a loss of service from the SCM, the Media gateway would provide Survivability - Users can continue to Communicate. In addition, SCM supports Redundant NIC. Scalability: For enhanced performance as your business grows, simply add user licenses. SCM offers increased sophistication and choices for growth for midsize business. Single Source Manufacturer: Samsung Multi-Service Business Gateway / Network Switch lineup enables true enterprise voice and data convergence for Samsung customers and delivers an agile and efficient network infrastructure. High Availability: High Availability redundancy provides seamless service in virtually any situation.