Telecoms Promotion

Add SAIC Telecom lines into your existing telecommunication infrastructure
and save up to 45%

Keep existing contact numbers

No Installation charges - NO COST!!

Installation within two to five working days

Local and National telephone calls - 37 cents per minute @ per second billing

Cellular telephone calls - 89 cents per minute @ per second billing

Dial inter-branch and inter-company at no charge

SAIC Corporate provides clients with a corporate telecommunications service that offers quality, flexibility, coverage and value. We provide seamless high-quality calls by making use of ICASA licensed first tier cellular networks, allowing you to make all your calls directly, without having to use incumbent fixed-line operators or sub-optimal second and third tier Voice over Internet Protocol providers.

No more cable theft - Hosted off the backbone of first tier cellular networks
No installation charges - Includes all hardware and installation
Guaranteed coverage and quality on all installations, providing 99.9% uptime
All charges are PER SECOND BILLING compared with competitors PER MINUTE BILLING

Click here to download a printable contract agreement. Once completed fax a copy to +27 11 791 3780